>First Post!

>Woo, my first post! This is very exciting as I have been debating starting a blog for a very long time. I have been reading healthy living blogs for quite some time now, and they continue to inspire me each and every day. These blogs have become part of my daily life, as I look forward to reading their posts that offer tips, daily life activities, meals, recipes, exercises, among so many other topics.
I hope to become part of the blogging community by sharing my daily life, which involves balancing classes, my RA job, a varsity sport, other fitness, and a social life, all while battling internal struggles, and making my journey to a full recovery.

Even though I am in college, I am unusual in the fact that I love going to sleep early and getting before the rest of campus does. So you may be wondering why I am writing this post at almost 1 am? Well I am a resident adviser for first-year students, and part of the job requires being “on-duty” until 2 am on weekends. This basically entails making sure no one that is living in the building is hurt, too intoxicated, or in a dangerous situation. And let me tell you, this job has its moments, ones I am looking forward to sharing as this blog gets underway! Get Pumped 🙂

For example, my co-worker and I found that a resident was growing marijuna in their room. Delightful. I am sure I will come across other wonderful things, the night is still young!

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