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>Crazy Saturday!

>Today was a umm…interesting day!
Because St. Patrick’s Day usually occurs when our school is on spring break, UMASS has developed a tradition of opening the bars uptown at 9am, and yes thousands of students attend! You have to be 21 though, which does keep the crowds somewhat down.

Now, I am really not a big drinker. I think a lot of it stems from wanting to “save” my calories for food, rather than wasting it on alcohol, but usually don’t like the way it makes me feel, act, and so on. However, I thrive on routine and order, yet challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone as often as I can, and I took this day to do just that!

Breakfast Item: Cinnamon rolls with green icing, nom?!

At 9 am this morning, I went to a friends house meet up, have St. Patty’s day related food
first then head to the bars uptown. I could not bring myself to start drinking until at least 11 am, 9 is just too darn early! Once we arrived in town via bus, it turned out to be a great time! It was nice spending time with people I do not normally hang out with, and to be part of a social event that is oh-so-college :p

Although I do have a few close friends, I much too often prefer spending time on my own. It is comfortable when I can do my own thing, but still know the importance of keeping friendships. I am sick of being the fact that I prefer to spend the majority of my time alone, and hope this changes as I bust of my comfort zone more often!
Did anyone else do anything of interest today? Please share!


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>Direction of the Blog

>I have so many ideas for this blog, yet am unsure of the exact direction I hope to go in!

Some things that you will be seeing:
1) I will be posting my daily life on occasion, the whole routine, so you can see a typical day of a college student!
2) Although I struggle with disordered eating, I still know how to stay healthy and fit in college. So I will be offering my own personal experiences, tips/tricks for eating in the dining halls and other areas of campus, how to get pumped for exercising and making it part of your routine, and how to enjoy a social life while still maintaining health. This is all while keeping grades up!
3) RA Chronicles- I am a resident adviser living in a first-year hall and have so many stories to tell, it can be alarming at times! My residents never cease to amaze me.
4) Reviews of products I personally I love and use on a daily products, ranging from food, running gear, clothing, among other utilities
5) Race recaps, running tips and other races I plan to compete in this upcoming spring and summer.
6) Training logs- my workouts and track/running workouts I do with my team.
7) My journey toward recovery and how I am making changes to better myself on a daily basis and finally obtain a peace of mind
8) Current Public Health issues, it’s my major!
9) At this point I don’t think this is going to be a strict “food blog” but I will be photographing and publishing some of my daily eats
10) Recipes that I have personally created, and others I have found that have turned out delicious!

Is there anything else people would like to see? I am a college student that is ready to answer any questions or share any stories that people would like to hear or know about.

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>My major- Public Health

>Hello readers!

I wanted to give a better explanation of my major at school and why I chose to invest in this route. As mentioned in my “about me” page, I have serious interest in all things related to nutrition, fitness, and general well-being. This not only includes the physical aspects, but the mental part as well.

I also discuss in my “about me” page, is the fact that I am recovering from years of obsessive, disordered eating habits that have seriously corrupted my life. I am willing to be public about this because I feel dicussing and sharing it with others is another part of the healing process. If anyone is reading this, I would love to hear if you are struggling with possible eating issues as well! I am going to dedicate another post to how this issue developed and the ways I am working through it.

I am mentioning the disordered eating now because it has a lot to do with my passion for Public Health. As much as I would like to claim I above media influence, it is say to say magazines, shows, pictures, etc, have a lot to do with why I have irrational thoughts concerning eating, fitness and my body. I do understand that these photos are often quite photo shopped, yet there is still some part of me that works toward looking like them. I’m talkin Victoria’s Secret models here, just got the bathing suit issue in the mail, curses!

In addition, even health magazines that promote “women power,” can be triggering- Shape, Women’s Fitness, Self, that have monthly articles claiming the best diet ever, the fastest way to drop pounds, fitness and workout tips to mold your body into something a man would love to see, and so many more.

Public Health is a broad subject and along with focusing on nutrition, I am also studying advertising and how it influences decisions and behaviors we partake in. I am taking a few communication classes right now that have certainly opened my eyes to the power of advertising. On this blog, I plan to bring post articles involving advertising, and other Public Health issues every so often. I hope they will be interesting enough to discuss!

Question for anyone reading this, even if you feel you are above media influence, do you think there is even a small part of you that reads certain articles, sees pictures, etc, that play a role in behaviors you make?

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