>Direction of the Blog

>I have so many ideas for this blog, yet am unsure of the exact direction I hope to go in!

Some things that you will be seeing:
1) I will be posting my daily life on occasion, the whole routine, so you can see a typical day of a college student!
2) Although I struggle with disordered eating, I still know how to stay healthy and fit in college. So I will be offering my own personal experiences, tips/tricks for eating in the dining halls and other areas of campus, how to get pumped for exercising and making it part of your routine, and how to enjoy a social life while still maintaining health. This is all while keeping grades up!
3) RA Chronicles- I am a resident adviser living in a first-year hall and have so many stories to tell, it can be alarming at times! My residents never cease to amaze me.
4) Reviews of products I personally I love and use on a daily products, ranging from food, running gear, clothing, among other utilities
5) Race recaps, running tips and other races I plan to compete in this upcoming spring and summer.
6) Training logs- my workouts and track/running workouts I do with my team.
7) My journey toward recovery and how I am making changes to better myself on a daily basis and finally obtain a peace of mind
8) Current Public Health issues, it’s my major!
9) At this point I don’t think this is going to be a strict “food blog” but I will be photographing and publishing some of my daily eats
10) Recipes that I have personally created, and others I have found that have turned out delicious!

Is there anything else people would like to see? I am a college student that is ready to answer any questions or share any stories that people would like to hear or know about.

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