Fun With Family

Good evening!

Yesterday I started the day with a nice, relaxing 6.5 mile run. I had planned to do some 1-minute pickups along the way but my legs felt like lead so I went easier and slower instead. I finished around 49:30, but had to do a bit of awkward extra jogging to stop my watch at 50:00, am I the only weirdo that MUST stop their clock on an exact number?!

I am training for a half marathon, Boston’s Run To Remember in May, and listening to my body and taking an easy day is vital for optimal performance.

Anyway, I brought my camera with me and took a few pictures of the beach and views along the way.

A Very Tiny View of Boston!

After my run, I stretched and then refueled with a container of Fage (0%), milled flax seeds, a banana, and a bunch of water. When I used to go for runs, I would never eat when I got back with the dumb, irrational thought that NOT consuming food would lead to weight loss. It did but it was muscle that I was losing and this is certainly no way to build endurance and recover. Consuming proper calories and a correct balance of nutrients within 30 minutes of a workout is very important, and something I now do all the time!

A few hours later after my mom and I had lunch, we drove to my older brother’s house in New Hampshire! Russell is 25 years old and got married to his wife, Christine, in 2008.

Christine is so great, and is truly like a sister to me. Also visiting were Christine’s mom (also named Donna!) and her aunt (Tammy), a great group to hang out with and I was psyched! We all caught up, joked around, went to dinner at a very nice restaurant, Saffron Bistro and just had a wonderful time! Here are a few pictures from the night:

Donna and ChristineClockwise: my mom and Russell, broski and I, Christine and her mom. Below is my mom and I, and the other picture is of Tammy, Donna, and Christine.

Three of us, including myself ordered scallops with lobster risotto-it was very delicious! Everyone’s meals was tasty as well. Following dinner, we were going to all go dancing at a night club near by, but the cover charge was 10 bucks and didn’t really feel like spending that if we were only planning to drop in for a short time…ahh well! I was kinda in the mood to get my groove on, I shall have to save it for another time 😀

I had such a nice catching up with a few members of my family. After I had such a miserable, lonely, homesick year at UVM (read about this in my about page) the experience made me appreciate the love and support I get from my family so much. I could not have survived that year without them and also with the more recent struggles I have been dealing with.

I also have another older brother, Tucker who I also love and miss, he is currently living in California! If you would like to read more about the most important people in my life, check out that page up top!

I had planned to do some baking today, but that turned into a 2 hour long nap instead…woops! I will be baking tomorrow, get ready for a delicious recipe (this time fo sho!)

Did anyone else do anything nice this weekend? Have any experiences ever made you appreciate your family even more? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

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