Under the Influence…of the Blogging World!

I apologize for the corny title but it works with this post!

Alas, it is my last night home for Spring Break and I am returning to school tomorrow :(. I know once I’m there and settled in, I will be glad to be back, it’s just hard to leave the comforts of home. But I suppose I can’t stay in LaLa Land forever!

I am packing tonight, to avoid rushing around in the morning, and I as I was packing food to bring back, I look at my recent buys.


Prior to reading healthy-living blogs, it is safe to say I had not head of ONE of these items (well the cereal I suppose, but I did not yet know the amazing-ness of Trader Joe’s!)

Chia seeds? Like a Chia pet right?! Uhh sorta. Wait a second, almonds can be made into liquid AND a peanut butter-like consistance?! Whoa there.

I have bought these items over time and have enjoyed them all! I have even turned my picky mom (love you MA!) onto some of the items. One of her favorite combos is a sweet potato with Sunflower Butter…YUM! Prior to reading blogs, oatmeal=yucky mush, and seeds were for planting, not eating.

I have to admit that Overnight Oats in a Jar are one of my favorites, I pay 10 dollars for nut butters, I made gluten-free eats, I eat like the Greeks (greek yogurt :p), so many ideas I adapted from others and enjoy in my daily life. Kath’s blog was one of the first one I ever read, I give her tons of credit for making me like oatmeal!

What has the blog world introduced to you? Any great products or recipes? Please share!

*I remember I asked my mom one time if she would pick me up some bread from Whole Foods. She answered with, “that exploding grain stuff right?” (Referring to sprouted bread) Made me laugh. 😀






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9 responses to “Under the Influence…of the Blogging World!

  1. We use almond butter and almond milk all the time at our house. I have learned a lot from blog browsing. I really enjoy finiding different healthy recipes.

  2. So jealous of the Mighty Maple PB- I have been on the hunt for it for over a year…I guess I could order it online, but I guess I like the hunt 😉
    I LOVE the Dark Chocolate Dreams & the Cinnamon Swirl…but can’t wait to try to the maple too!

    • Hehe the hunt is fun, but you should try to locate this ASAP, it is my favorite from Peanut Butter and Company 😀
      The Cinnamon Swirl is a close second though, and now I am looking forward to trying the White Chocolate Wonderful kind… do you like that one?

  3. Overnight oats in a jar are definitely my favorite blog food too!

    And yeah, I forget most people don’t read food blogs. A friend of mine found a recipe for kale chips online and was making them and started to explain them to me and I went “Duh, kale chips. Huge in the food blog world.” Hahaha.

    • Hahaha that is a great story! Kale chips= no big thing, old news 🙂
      I have a similar story, my grandmother was making dinner for me a few weeks ago and she told me was trying this new product, quinoa! Oh gram, I’ve been eating that stuff for months lol

  4. That TJs 9 grain cereal is the best! I usually pack a few boxes home when I am in Cali since i don’t have a TJs here. The blog world has introduced me to things like chia seeds and socca– but most of the things I eat, I ate before I knew about blogs.

    • Janetha, thank you for checking out my blog 🙂
      No Trader Joes?! The horror! haha
      I have officially deemed that cereal is my favorite, just finished off my supply tonight as a matter of fact…
      Socca? I actually have never heard of that!

  5. wait for serious? your moms fave combo is MINE too?? it’s a winner though, seriously : )

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