Monday Morning Workout

So another week begins! And it’s snowing here in the Northeast! I know I am stating the obvious here, but this whole New England weather thing is getting a tad old ūüėČ On my run yesterday, I was in shorts, and today I busted out the rubber boots and long coat for my (wet/cold) walk to class. Ahh well, things could be worse!

Not going to lie though, getting going this morning was a bit difficult! On days I do not practice with the Track team, I get my workouts done in the early morning, I’m not a fan of waiting around to do it all day. Plus the Rec Center here gets crazy crowded as the day progresses.

As my alarm was ringing before my 7 am Cardio Kick class, I thought of Julie (from PB Fingers) and her mantra for getting yourself motivated and your butt moving for a workout, “you’re just one workout away from a good mood.” That¬†thought really helped¬†and powered me through the class! I¬†love this¬†group exercise class¬†because it is a great cardio workout, but also tones legs, arms, bum, shoulders,¬†and back by incorporating punches and kicks with cardio intervals…i worked up a great sweat!

The class is only¬†40 minutes and I¬†was¬†feelin full of energy, so I decided to hit the treadmill for a bit. While watching¬†Good Morning America, I ran 3.5 miles in 26 minutes and incorporated sprint intervals/HIIT. I¬†set the incline at 1.5%¬†and started with a warm-up for¬†5 minutes, then cranked up the speed to 8.8 mph for 1 minute and down to 7.6 for a 2 minute break. It’s safe to say I was dripping¬†sweat (TMI) by the end of this and hightailed it back to my room to take a shower… twas needed ūüôā

I have a midterm tomorrow¬†for my Health Economics class¬†that I¬†really ought to continue studying¬†for.¬†The material in the class is fairly interesting, but I have a serious problem every time I¬†go. It is right after lunch in a nice, warm and¬†cozy classroom and I¬†nod off/fall¬†asleep seriously EVERYDAY. And to make it worse, there are only about 15 students¬†in the room so the professor definitely sees me do this consistently, but I am so not trying to be¬†rude!¬†It’s that tired, sleepy feeling that¬†you cannot do anything about, except maybe walk around or pass out right on the desk (yes, this has occurred! haha) Does this happen to anyone else?!

How was everyone’s weekend? Any races to report, or exciting news? Did anyone get in a good workout this morning…I would love to hear some new ideas to switch up my own routine!

Time to get my study on! Doesn’t think book sound thrilling? ūüėČ


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6 responses to “Monday Morning Workout

  1. I know- sometimes I have to remind myself of that mantra when I wake up in the mornings…and yes, Mondays are definitely the hardest ūüėČ
    NICE HIIT workout! That is awesome- love the speed change up. You rocked it!
    And, YES when I was in college I definitely had that after lunch class that I always dreaded…not necessarily because of the material, but because I just wanted to curl up & take a nap!

    • Thanks for the compliment! I was certainly quite tired but the end of it, but intervals make the time go by so much faster
      Haha yeah, it’s not a good time to have class! I am all nice and full from eating, a nap is so ideal after!

  2. peanutbutterfingers

    mantras make such a difference for me. your interval workout sounds awesome!! ūüôā also, thanks for the head’s up about your blog! it looks great!!

  3. Some mornings I have to have a serious talk with myself to get my workout in. Other times I just instantly tell myself I’ll workout after work instead of before. I always feel better when I get it out of the way right away though.

    • Yeah I know what you mean, I have to talk to myself too! On the rare occasions that I do an afternoon workout, I always feel accomplished after… anytime to get in a bit of fitness is great ūüôā
      Thank you for checking out my blog!

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