5k Dash and Dine Race Recap

Hi readers! Phew, what a great Saturday it has been so far!

This morning was the 5k Dash and Dine to help raise money for the Amherst Survival Center. It is a great program and I was quite glad to contribute to the cause 🙂

The race did not start until 11:00, a much later time then I am used to, but can’t get most college students up much before that. The run was open to the community as well, and overall there were around 600 participants, mostly runners and some that chose to walk. This was the second year of this race, and it has continued to gain support.

Sam the Minuteman!


Because it didn’t start until 11, I slept in until 9:15 (quite late for me), had some coffee and pre-race fuel. My breakfast consisted of an apple with almond butter and a bowl of Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond Granola cereal, phew that’s a mouthful. I got this as a sample from another race I had participated in and today I tried it for the first time. Umm, yumm! I am not a huge chocolate fan (gasp) but there were subtle notes of dark chocolate flavor that I surprisingly really enjoyed. The consistency was crunchy, and not too sweet. It was a nice filling bowl enjoyed with almond milk.

Once I was fueled, it was time to go pick up my bib number. Very conveniently, the race began literally outside my building and I had already pre-registered so I went over about 20 minutes before the start of the race. I picked up my number, ran a 10 minute warm up, and went out right when the gun went off!

The course was hilly, but with a good amount of down-hills as well which helped me to catch my breath. It went all through campus and although it was FREEZING and windy, I had a great race! I was the second woman overall (I tried and failed to catch the lady in front of me, doh!) with a time of 20:25. That’s a bit off my PR, (19:59) but I was quite pleased because I haven’t been doing much speed work lately.

After a 25 minute cool down, it was time for the awards ceremony and I got a trophy! I am still a little kid and feel extra special when getting a prize 😀

*Please excuse these kind of awkward room shots, I was taking the pictures with a timer, as I didn’t have a friend with me to snap a few pics haha

Once I returned to my room, I noticed some dust accumulating in the far corner and went on a mad cleaning spree. Once I get started doing something like this, there’s no stopping me! Cleaning up a bit of dust turned into a full out vacuum, swiffer, dusting episode, and let me tell you, my room smells and looks great now.

I had lunch with Danielle, and I am in Panera Bread with her “doing homework” aka writing this and reading other people’s blogs 🙂 Alright, it is time to disconnect myself from the internet and get started on my Sociology of Childhood paper…. lots of fun!

Good luck to those that ran the DC Half-Marathon today! I hope it went great!

Did anyone else have a race today? Do you like doing work/hanging out in Panera as much as I do?! (aka people watching hehe)

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