Influenced Once Again- Oats in a Jar

Ahh, it is such a gorgeous day out! 54 degrees and sunny in Amherst, which feels balmy after this brutal winter we have all experienced 🙂 Spring is surely in the air. But HOLD UP… there will be a Winter Storm Warming in effect starting tomorrow night…. There are 2-4 inches of snow expected, not too much but winter just does not want to let go!

A little less of this...

How about a little less of this…^


This morning I went to the gym here at school and did 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. I set the incline at 15 and did a simple HIIT routine of going 35 seconds fast, and 25 seconds recovery for 5 minutes at level 12. Then I would recover for 2 minutes at level 10 and then repeat the sequence until the 20 minutes was up. This was pretty random but I wanted to get in some cardio before Kickboxing!

I have talked about this class before but want to mention it again because it’s one of my favorite group fitness classes. I am seriously the most uncoordinated person alive, so I was a bit apprehensive about trying this class at the beginning of the year in fear of looking like a GOON. Although I do punch right or kick left (when I am supposed to be doing the opposite! haha) I still get a great workout in and am always sore the next day! Especially in my back and arms, I’m not used to working them that way. Besides, everyone else is worried about if they’re doing the routine correctly and not lookin at you!

*Below the surface- I am constantly feeling self-conscious and that people are looking/staring at me, of course in a negative way. I feel like I am being judged all of the time, on my clothes, how my hair looks, makeup, acne, my height, and of course, my body. Although i am finally understanding this is not the case, I still can’t help feeling, “somebody’s watchin me!” (anyone know the song?!) I am working through this and I also have realized how much I look at other people. And I admit, I do my share of judging as well. Not necessarily something mean, but I make conclusions about people I see or talk to. I really need to get the heck over this, it’s rude and just not necessary. Of course I feel that people are looking at me, I’m lookin right back! Can anyone relate/have advice? I am not a mean person, actually quite nice 🙂 so I think I do this because I sometimes feel bad about myself.

Phew, sorry about that tangent! On to the title of this post….after my butt was kicked at Cardio KICK, I returned to my room where a fabulous breakfast awaited me! Overnight Oats in a Jar the blog world strikes again!!

Looks so nasty, tastes so good! Into almost empty jar of one of my favorite nut butters, Barney Butter’s Crunch Almond Butter, went:

  • 1/3 cup dry (not instant!) oats
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1 sliced medium banana
  • 1.5 tbs Chia seeds
  • Several dashes of cinnamon= i am addicted to cinnamon

Stir that baby up, put it in the fridge overnight (or for a few hours) so the liquid can be absorbed by the oats. Unscrew the cap the next day and try not to inhale it’s ugly wonderfulnous <– that’s a word, I swear.

Demolished! So good. There was probably about two tablespoons of almond butter left in the jar when I put the mixture, it was my best oatmeal concoction yet!

I have an appointment this afternoon, then a dinner date with the lovely Danielle!

Have a good day everyone, enjoy the weather if it’s nice where you are 😀

*Has anyone tried overnight oats in a jar? I’ll admit when I first heard of this in the blog world, I thought it sounded gross. How wrong I was.


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6 responses to “Influenced Once Again- Oats in a Jar

  1. omnom. That looks delish. I have wanted to try chia seeds but they’re so $$ and I don’t want to buy a huge bag and hate them…What awesome fuel- you go girl!!
    I can totally relate. I get really self conscious running or when I’m at the gym. I try to go when no one else is there so luckily I wake up super early 🙂
    My jar of Sunflower seed butter is almost at the OIAJ stage…get ready!

    • I totally feel you on the expense of those suckers, but I have actually been buying them at TJ MAXX! You know that random food section they have in the back? Sometimes I find nice, inexpensive treasures there, chia seeds for example, but also almond butter that has been marked down and some baking mixes. I got chia seeds there for $5.99 and saw the SAME bag at Whole Foods for $12.99! Yeeshe Whole PayCheck 🙂 but i love that darn store
      Ha i wake up super early too, and yep no one is there!
      I am jealous of your sunflower butter status, I am pumped to see the concoction 😀

  2. Hi sweetie! OIAJ…..the secret amongst food bloggers 🙂 I STILL haven’t tried it yet tho! You’re on my blogroll girlie! Looking forward to getting to know you more. p.s – cardio kick sounds like a great class!

    • Ahh you must try it immediately! Like I said in the post, I thought the idea of it was simply nasty the first time I heard about it and now it’s the snack/meal I look forward to the most!
      Thank you for adding me to your blog roll! That means so much 😀
      You’re going on mine as well!
      And yes Cardio Kick is fantastic, my bumm is feelin it today haha

  3. I am constantly mixed in an endless judging circle girl! I dish it out and cannot take it, but I try so hard to stop. I think it has to do with the negative thoughts we have about ourselves. I try to tell myself to appreciate my body for what it can do and not what it looks like! And obviously your body can do a lot including awesome workouts.
    Everyone in the blog world talks about overnight oats, I am going to have to try them also. I have been wanting to try the chia seeds for so long!! how are they ??

    • Lady, I understand exactly what you are saying! I try so hard to stop it too, but judge constantly, even when I don’t realize I am doing it! Appreciating your body is a huge goal of mine, as I really to understand how far it has taken me and still doing okay even with the abuse I have inflicted on it!

      Try chia seeds now! 🙂 They really don’t have a taste but they bulk up oats, liquids, yogurts like no ones business! It makes the consistency nice and thick, and they’re amazing for you.

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