Summer Lovin

I wish I could say I am still up because I just returned after going out or something else of interest. However, my RA status requires me to be on duty tonight, but it’s always a great time to do homework, catch up on blogs, and relax. Looking at the positives! <– I just figured out how to do colors on WordPress, accomplishment for the night! 🙂 I am one of the most technically challenged people you will meet, so creating this website has been quite a struggle, a fun one though!

Since it SNOWED this morning,

I wanted to brighten up night by showing some pictures taken from last summer and reminding myself of all the things we have to look forward to with the warmer temps.

Pool shenanigans

Tubing and water skiing in the ocean

Rock jumping! (or at least thinking about it 🙂 )

Road races in shorts and tanks!

Relaxing on the beach with friends (I live right next to the ocean btw!)

Heart-pumping Triathlons

Intense Mud-Fun Races!

An entire summer to look forward to and embrace all the positive changes that will come with it!

What are you looking forward to this summer?


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4 responses to “Summer Lovin

  1. wow that mud race picture is the most intense thing ever!! I’m going to be a camp counselor this summer so I’m really excited for that 😀

  2. hehe thanks girl! It was the most fun I have ever had during a race! I am doing it again this May 🙂
    That’s an awesome summer activity! What kind of camp is it?

  3. LOVE that picture of you doing the Mud Run!! So cute 🙂

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