Confession: Granola Bars Are Taking Over My Room

That might be an odd title, but it’s the only one I could think of that truly defines this post! After seeing Freya’s post on this matter, I realized I’m guilty of this as well!

The scary thing is this is only about half of my stash! It seems every time I go to a grcocery store, I can’t help but just look at the bar selection and see if there are any new ones! I may or may not squeel with delight if I see a new flavor or brand 🙂 However, I have officially made a promise to myself after seeing this ridiculousness, that I am NOT allowed to buy anymore until I have eaten some of them!

I do have at least one everyday. They are perfect for a mid-afternoon snack around 4 or 4:30 when I am inevitably hungry and bored during class= deadly combination. Whipping out one of these bars not only satisfies me until dinner, but most are pretty darn tasty.

Favorites: (*I was not sent these, just sharing my faves 😀 )

  • Clif Bar-  Maple Nut, maple is one of my favorite flavor so putting this in a bar, chewy, amazing form is pure perfection
  • Kashi- Pretzel Chocolate Crunch, truly an unbeatable combination
  • Nature Valley- Peanut Butter, yes they don’t have the best ingredient list, but I can’t get over the peanutty crunch, and I like that there are two in the package. Makes me feel like I am eating more 🙂
  • NuGo Free- Dark Chocolate Crunch, these are gluten free (not that I don’t eat gluten but helpful for those who cannot!) and they are pleasantly chewy with a strong dark chocolate flavor that really leaves me satisfied.

What are some of your favorite granola/nutrition bars? After I have eaten a few of mine, I am going to HAVE to seek out more and like I said, am always looking for new ones!


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4 responses to “Confession: Granola Bars Are Taking Over My Room

  1. Hey Tessa! Great blog you’ve got going here. 😀

    I’m so jealous of your bar stash. I can’t really eat any bars because of my nut allergy so I have to make my own!

  2. I’m sorry but intervention? I’m pretty sure you’re me. I have a box, A BOX in my closet of bars. I wish I was brave enough to eat them….

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