Family and Friends

This blog talks about a variety of subjects. Running, recovery, school, food, and whatever the heck else I can think of 🙂 Right now, I seem to be focusing on how I am making changes for the better and how I have achieved this. However, I want to discuss the important and amazing people in my life that love and support me through this all.

I very close with my family and couldn’t imagine life without them! From time to time I mention them in my posts so I thought it would be nice for you to get to them too 🙂

Mom (Donna)

I have always been close with my mom, but I grew even closer after my freshman year at the University of Vermont. I was crazy homesick that year and she helped me through it by always talking to me on the phone, visiting when she could, offering advice to get more involved and really anything she could do to make me happy. MA has continued to do this each and everyday. We talk on the phone AT LEAST once per day, even if we don’t have anything particular to chat about. She supports me in anyway she can and I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her!

Dad (Jim) and Diane

Although my parents are divorced and I live with my mom, I am still  very close with my dad and my step mom, Diane. They both love and support me in anyway they can as well. I would also be in serious trouble without my dad’s tremendous help with that whole financial business with school. I surely would not be a student without him! My relationship with my dad, I feel, has gotten stronger as I have grown older. I feel comfortable telling him anything and he always has great advice.

I have two older brothers who I simply adore! They are both quite different and are important to me for different reasons.

Russell is older, married to Christine and he is a truly caring guy. He shows his love for his family often and really understand how important relationships are to him. At the end of last summer, it was Russell who convinced me I needed to get help with the eating issue and his words really shook me to get motivated to get better. Tucker, my other brother, is a unique person to say the least! He has many qualities that I aspire to adopt for myself. He is the kind of guy to take a risk and go with the flow, and this attitude has led him to many interesting places and situations across the world. Tucker is pretty opinionated though, so sometimes we butt-heads, but he should know, no matter how mad I seem at him, i love him too 🙂

From Right to left, Russell, me and Tucker! We are all very close with each other and I am so thankful for this.

Pop and Gram

It seems I don't have a picture of my grandpa 😦 Mom and Gram instead until i get one!


My grandparent’s (mom’s parents) are amazing people that always go above and beyond for our family. They come and visit us for holidays, and do the prepping and cooking and all else that is involved for these special family gatherings. They live in West Palm Beach, Florida so visiting them is fantastic in that I get to see them and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather 🙂

Danielle (Friend!)



Although Danielle is not related to me, I still consider her a part of my family! She is my best friend, and I don’t really have a lot of friends, and she means a lot to me. I met her my first year and her freshman year at UMASS, and we bonded immediately. We are both on the cross country and track team and she’s a beast when it comes to running :). I truly feel I can tell her anything and she won’t judge. She is also great at giving advice, even if it is something I don’t want to hear. Danielle tells me the truth, something that is to me after be lied to by several past “friends” (more on this later) Love this lady!

2 responses to “Family and Friends

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  2. lee barow

    Hi, my Darling Tessa,
    Sorry I haven’t written to you for a while. Just lazy, I guess. Or maybe, it’s
    because I can get caught up on you and your life and living on your Blog. I love
    the pictures, even tho I’ve seen them before. I NEVER get tired of seeing all
    my loves. Have to find a good picture of Pop. Even tho he doesn’t like to have his picture taken, I’m sure there’s one around. Love you lots & lots.

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