Running and Races

Upcoming Races:

  • UMass 5k Dash & Dine- Amherst, MA, March 26th. *Time: 20:31
  • CSSRPTO Family Fun 5k Run/Walk- Belchertown, MA, April 9th
  • Gold Star Run for Honor 10k- Swampscott, MA, May 7th
  • Beach To Beach 5k- Marblehead, MA, May 14th
  • Boston’s Run To Remember- Half Marathon, May 29th!! (Ran this last year, so excited again!)

Those are all I have planned out for now. After the half-marathon I am debating running another one the following weekend with a friend, but as a recovery… kind of expensive to do both though, so we shall see!

Running and Races

My running career did not begin until the end of my senior year of high school. I actually was a swimmer for 11 years; practicing 6 days a week for about 3 hours a day, an enormous commitment! Longer distance events, such as the 200, 500, and 1650 free were my favorite races. However, in February of my senior year, I was beyond sick of swimming and quit! I was not planning to swim in college and was ready to start something different….
And this is where RUNNING comes in!

Boston's Run To Remember 2010 (My first half!)

It has taken me about three years to reach the level I am at, and my best advice for any new runners is to stick with it! I was soooo slow when I first began, but gradually built up my endurance and am now in love with the sport, and run on my school’s cross country team.

I have participated in a number of 5ks, a few 10ks, one half-marathon, a few sprint triathlons, and one olympic distance triathlon. Every single one of these were their own special experience, and every time I finish a race, the accomplished feeling I get is truly amazing. If anyone is contemplating running their first 5k, I say…GO FOR IT! πŸ™‚

Cross Country Home Meet- 9/2010

Here are my best times for each of the distances I have completed,
5k- 19:58, UMASS cross country meet, September 2010
10k- 43:34, Market Square Day Run- Portsmouth, July 2010
4 Mile- 26:51, New Years Day Wicked Frosty Four- Salem, January 2011
5 Miles- 33:50, Turkey Trot- Salem, November 2010
Half-Marathon- 1:40, Run To Remember- Boston, May 2010

I also ran a “Mud Run” which was a 10k distance, battling through mud pits, jumping over walls, wading through ponds, and various other obstacles. It was one of the most fun experiences i have ever had!

4 responses to “Running and Races

  1. I used to run competitvely in my university…(I am 30 years old now). I’ve been ailing with health issues the last 3 years, and now I can only walk…gosh, I miss it….so much…you are marvelous to be able to function. Treat your body well – don’t abuse it!

    • I am so sorry that you are unable to run now 😦 walking is a nice exercise as well, but I would understand missing the sport.
      You’re so right, it’s important to thank your body for what it is capable of doing and not constantly have negative thoughts about it!
      Thank you for reminding me of this πŸ˜€

  2. YOU ARE SPEEDY girl! So glad you emailed me so I could find your blog:)

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