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Finally, I Have One!

Good evening!

I have something exciting to report, well at least for me, I finally purchased a FOOD PROCESSOR!

I’m sure several of you already have one and are saying, what’s the big thing? I have wanted one for quite sometime but had this silly idea that they were too expensive. They are certainly not! I saved up a bit and bought one at target today for 60 bucks and well worth it if you ask me. 🙂 I decided to purchase one after countless times of looking up recipes and seeing the words “food processor” among the required machines, which I would follow with, d’oh!

And let me tell you, attempting to get oatmeal to a course texture, along with dried fruit for a dessert recipe, with a blender that umm, sucks= no bueno. I knew there was a problem when the blender started to smell like burning plastic and I basically broke the darn thing! So yes, time for a machine that is actually supposed to be used for processing/crumbling ingredients!

Let’s just say I have been breaking in my new kitchen utility ever since I got home! I whipped up a few blog world favorites, such as peanut butter, almond butter, oat bran, and even made dough for a whole wheat bread recipe! Exciting stuff I know :p

I used honey-roasted peanuts I bought from Trader Joes and ground those suckas up for a good 6 minutes before it reached my desired consistency= drippy, but not too liquidy with some crunch, yumm! My mom agrees! I put in two cups of nuts which yielded one and half cups of peanut butter.

My almond butter was a success as well! I coated raw almonds with a few sprinkles of cinnamon, and maple syrup, let them roast for a 5 minutes in a 350 degree, let them cool and then ground em up! They are nice and sweet, with a subtle maple flavor that I love. Making your own nut butters is such a great money saver too. This tasted almost as good as my favorite, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, but cost about six dollars less, yes please! As a poor college student, I try to save money where and whenever I can.

My whole wheat bread was also made with the food processor, by adding warm water to the flour/yeast mixture as it is being turned in the machine. Eventually it makes a nice, sticky dough and then I let it rest for 10 minutes, and popped it in the oven, where it is currently baking. If it turns out good, I shall post the recipe!

One last thing, made some kale chips for an extra nutritious bonus, tasty! See Kath’s Recipes for how to make kale chips 🙂

How have others used their food processor? I would love some new ideas!

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Workout and Brownies

A strange combination, no? Hehe well I did a workout first thing this morning and then went onto the baking portion of my day, remember, it’s important to refuel and chocolate is certainly nutritious :p.

My mom works out at a personal training studio and she has a few guest passes for a free session. I used one today, and had an appointment with a trainer at 8:30 with a two other women. At this place, a trainer works with the group for 30 minutes, guiding people in exercises such as planks, tricep/bicep/shoulder work, lunges, squats, moves on the bosu, abdominal work, and several other moves. There is a timer within in the studio that tells the exerciser to work for 45 seconds, with a 15 second rest for 4 reps on the given exercise.

Let me tell you, some of the exercises certainly whipped my butt! I do a lot of core work, to improve my running speed, but by the fourth set of planks, balancing on one leg and one arm, my muscles were seriously shakin. At the end of the 30 minutes, I hopped on one of the treadmills to do some interval work. When I first began running, I was so slow and barely could run more than a mile at a time without feeling like I would literally pass out. I diligently kept up with this new sport, and have slowly built up my miles and speed (read more about my running journey in the pages section!).

I found that adding intervals and focusing on speed work has really improved my times in races and during regular runs. I used to run mile repeats around 7:50 and now can do 4x 1 mile repeat with an average pace of 6:15….a huge improvement! Intervals are very challenging, but help to boost your metabolism, build up speed, endurance and so many other benefits. This style of training is also great because it can be performed on any machine, or with any exercise– elliptical, bike, speed walking, strength training with cardio blasts such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high knees and butt kicks (plyometrics).

For my treadmill workout I ran for 30 minutes, with one- minute pickups at 9.1 mph and a two and a half minute recovery at 7.9 speed. I also set the treadmill at an incline of 2% to simulate outside running. I was so tired at the end of this and it is safe to say that I was a sweaty beast! But it felt great and know it will help my speed in the future.

Once I stretched, I walked home and refueled with a bowl of oatmeal with a banana and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter– my absolute favorite kind!

Next, BAKING! My mom is a labor and delivery nurse at local hospital and works with a fantastic group of other nurses. Ever since she began working there, I have been baking different recipes for them to try and they report back with their reviews. My recipes are usually based off of another recipe I find, such as the one I made today. I located this one at Jessica’s Blog- How Sweet It Is, which has amazing recipes, difficult workouts, and her writing is hilarious and the pictures are gorgeous, check it out!

I chose the Better Than Crack Brownies, but substituted pecans for salted peanuts, white chocolate peanut butter for the regular peanut butter and used a Duncan Hines brownie recipe. Sometimes I make desserts from scratch, but today I wasn’t feeling it!

In my humble opinion they turned out delicious and my mom and her friends at work agreed! Make these if you are looking for a very decadent, addicting, chocolate dessert/snack!

This afternoon I am babysitting for three kids, and prepping dinner for them as well. Have a nice rest of the day!

About running, has anyone incorporated interval training into their workouts, and if so, have you noticed a difference in how you feel such as your speed and endurance?

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