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A Few of My Favorite Things

Sorry about the quirky title but does anyone else now have the Sound of Music stuck in their head? Because I sure do! (and if you didn’t you probably do now 🙂 )

I wanted to thank those that commented on my last night’s post. They were so great to read and made me feel much better this morning. It’s nice to know I am not the only one that feels this way!

Well, it’s Sunday night and I am currently organizing myself for the week ahead. It’s going to be another busy one with choosing classes, two essays due, an exam and RA stuff. It shall be fine though, and I’m sure the week will go by supa fast while staying so busy!

I have been doing homework all day, so I decided it’s break time, aka dinner+ blogging + Chopped (Food Network) = a delightful evening 🙂 I also wanted to write a post on a few random things that are favorites of mine! Here we go…

My pandora bracelet. This bracelet was given to me on my 16th birthday by my lovely mother. I started with only one charm, a “16” and have gained so many more since then. There are a few I bought on my own, but a majority of the charms were given as gifts from the special people in my life. Each one of these has meaning and I know who they came from. I wear this bracelet everyday and couldn’t imagine my outfit without it!

This is a corkboard in my room, here at school, with all of my bib numbers from various races and other race memoribila. It is cluttered but organized at the same time (if that makes any sense) and gives me inspiration and a sense of accomplishment each time I look at. I’m thinking I am going to put them together in some of kind of scrap book to preserve the memories better, but for now, I like it for decor in my room.

Another piece of decor for my room at school. I have ALWAYS wanted one of these, since I was a little girl, but the ceilings in my house didn’t work for it. They do at school though, hence the princess-like bed. It’s funny I am not even a real girly-girl but absolutely love this 🙂

I HATE (sorry harsh) shopping for shoes because they never have my size, and really don’t fit correctly. Because I am tall, 5’10” finding shoes that are comfortable is quite the task- and my feet are pretty wide so my pinky toes always get smooshed. These shoes, Nike Frees, are the best walking/running shoes I have ever purchased! I wear them to walk the miles around campus and they are simply great.

I may be 21, but you better believe I still have a stuffed animal! This is Duchess, she’s a horse I have had foreverrrr. She is the one stuffed animal I have held on to since my childhood and she travels with me everywhere 🙂 I like acting like a kid sometimes!

Making collages! I am honestly the least artistic person you will ever meet, so I express my creativity through creating collages. I love taking old magazines, deciding on a theme, and looking through them for just the write words, phrases and pictures. They always turn out to look nice and give me something to do hehe. These two are both currently hanging in my room. Would anyone be interested in having me make one of these and sending it to you as a giveaway?! Let me know!

I like a bunch of other stuff too, but I wanted to include these and perhaps help you get to know me better!

What are your favorite items? They can be any category! -Food, workout related, decor, clothes, anything 😀

Have a lovely Sunday Night!



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